INF-Tool, the Setup Program Generator for Windows, lets you design full-featured program installations including Uninstall in seconds. Generates super-small setup packages thus making expensive and huge-sized Installation software (and long downloads for your users) obsolete. Comes with all typical software setup features and supports 26 languages - just check it out!

Publisher description

Check out this alternative to huge and/or complicated, expensive installation programs! INF-Tool Lite is a setup program which creates today's smallest setup packages possible for an unbeatable price: It's free ! Great especially for Internet or common network distribution since it saves download times drastically. It also supports Windows internal INF setup feature which gives it enourmous power and flexibility - but without having to learn any scripting language. Integrated support for 6 various distribution methods as strongest CAB(inet) compression, ZIP compression, self-extracting "Single EXE" distribution, disk-spanning (allows safer downloads via splitted packages or multi-disk distribution) and others. Comes with support for 26 languages!

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